According to Glassdoor, each corporate job offer attracts an average of 250 resumes. Four to six from that pile will get an interview, and only one will get the job. How would you like to skip the pile and get straight to the desk of the hiring manager? That’s why we’re here. A lot of people misunderstand the benefits of working with a 3rd party recruiter. There are many ways recruiters can be an asset to you in your job search, and here are the 4 that our team feels should be at the forefront:

Recruiters have access to many job opportunities, some of them aren’t publicly posted. We save you time and frustration, while increasing visibility. How long do you spend applying to 1 job? We confidentiality advocate your skills on your behalf to an entire network of industry specific companies and roles that we think match your background and qualifications. Once you have worked with us, you’ll be in our database, so if one job opportunity doesn’t work out, we’ll continue to work with you to find the best role for you.

We keep you updated as the process continues, providing feedback, next step instructions, and an active timeline. We also take responsibility as mediator between the company and candidate – handling scheduling and negotiations, while answering finite questions. You know those questions that you don’t feel comfortable asking until the 2nd or 3rd interview? We can help get those out of the way or recommend appropriate times to ask them directly – we are your buffer and advisor. Tired of not hearing anything for weeks after an interview? We’re here to collect and deliver feedback within a reasonable timeline so you’re never left guessing.

Recruiters want you to be the best version of yourself and to put your best foot forward at all times. We provide feedback and advice to showcase your best qualities and skills on your resume, portfolio and other applicant documentations to help cater to the roles you’re applying for. To help you be better prepared, we will coach you on techniques before and after you have interviewed. We advocate for your skills, experience, and more importantly, the soft skills and successes that might not have a designated spot on your resume. We know how busy hiring managers are, and sometimes the most seemingly obvious candidates are rejected or not interviewed quickly enough. Think of a recruiter as a referral that works directly with a company you are applying to work for. We have direct contact with the hiring managers and human resources teams. Ever want a fast track to landing your dream job? Having someone on your side allows you to skip the pile of resumes that HR is inundated with.

Career decisions are delicate and often involve multiple variables. Keeping your candidacy confidential is a crucial part of any hiring process that requires fragile treatment. No matter if you are a passive or active candidate, we want to make sure that you are making the right decision for yourself and that it makes sense to your next steps in your career. We take this part of the process very seriously, for both clients and candidates. Trust is the foundation of what our core values are built on.


If you have a track record of avoiding recruiter calls, or declining LinkedIn messages, we challenge you to broaden your horizons by having a conversation. This doesn’t mean that you’re committing to anything, but you will make a connection with someone who will happily keep you in mind for opportunities that make sense when the time is right. Who doesn’t like having an industry professional with a bird’s eye view in their corner?

Let’s talk. And then let’s get to work.

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