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Thinking about a counteroffer? It’s definitely tempting. But before you jump at it, remember to consider why you’re looking to leave in the first place. Your reasons for leaving should guide your decision. For example, if your main issue is not getting along with your boss, a higher salary isn’t going to solve that problem.

If the counteroffer includes a promotion that puts you at the same level as your boss, you’ll still need to interact with them. Ask yourself if this will make you happy in the long term. Keep in mind, many executives and board members often view those who accept counteroffers with a bit of skepticism regarding their loyalty—about 70-80% of them, according to some studies. Are you comfortable with potentially being under such scrutiny?

While counteroffers can seem attractive, they come with their own set of complexities. Research indicates that 50% of those who accept counteroffers start looking for a new job again within two months. Accepting a counteroffer can also lead to negative dynamics within your team, as it might create resentment among colleagues who may feel you’ve manipulated the situation for personal gain.

Moreover, promoting someone just to keep them can question your readiness for the new role, reflecting poorly on leadership judgement. The best approach is to address issues before they escalate to the point of considering a resignation. Regular feedback, stay interviews, and open communication can help identify and resolve issues early on.

Your career and your team deserve a thoughtful approach. If you’re pondering over what to do and would like some advice, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help you navigate through these decisions.

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